This policy is applicable to all those users who are creating their account on the website and Mobile Application of (herein after referred as Ecommerce Platform) and encouraging others also to join them on the ecommerce platform through sharing of referral link. The policy is strictly applicable to the customers to earn referral bonus only.

 How it works?

  • A user has to create his own account.
  • The user has to invite his friends, family members and acquaintances by sharing the referral link available under my account tab on the website.
  • The user has to ensure that he invites 10 people and informs them to create an account on the royalebazaar website or the mobile app.
  • When all the 10 referred users create an account on the Ecommerce platform, the user will get Rs. 2000 as flat referral bonus in his Royalecash wallet.

Note : The referral bonus earned by a user of Rs 2000 cannot be withdrawn from the wallet. It has to be utilized within the Royalebazaar website and Mobile app only.


Utilization of Referral Bonus:

Ø  In case of Purchase of Real Jewelry or Gem stones, the user can utilise Full amount of Rs. 2000 as referral bonus.

Ø  In case of Purchase of any other item (excluding Real Jewelry and Gem stones), the user can utilise the referral bonus per transaction as lower of:

1.       25% of the invoice value                    OR

2.       Rs. 200

And balance amount of referral bonus will be carried forward for further transactions.