Replacement of products will be done due to issue in size or defect or damage product is received by the customer. The customer has to share images of the damaged or defective product on mail or on the website. Replacement policy is applicable to the following categories of products : · Imitation Jewelry (excluding Rent-a-jewel products) Gem stones Artefact Home décor Women Accessories Replacement of above categories of products can only be done within 48 hours from the time product is received by the customer (except in case of Gem Stones, it is 24 hours). The new product will be delivered to the customer as per the stock available by the company. The company will inform its customers about the arrival of the replaced products through email or text message. For Rent-a-jewel products, replacement will not be done. Instead the customer will be refunded with the total amount in case of damaged or defective product is received if such complaint is lodged within 24 hours of the receipt of the product.